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Mariusz Klin, M.D., Ph.D

Diagnostic Tests and Treatment Procedures

Dr. Klin offers these tests for the diagnosis of gastroenterological diseases. You’ll find helpful links to procedures that are used for treatment.

Select a topic below to learn more.

  1. Colonoscopy (Colorectal Cancer Screening)
  2. Endoscopy
  3. Capsule Endoscopy
  4. Enteroscopy
  5. ERCP
  6. Esophageal Dilation
  7. Esophageal/Rectal Manometry
  8. HALO Ablation
  9. Hemorroid Treatment Procedures
  10. Hydrogen Breath Test
  11. Lactose Intolerance/Bacterial Overgrowth
    These two conditions are diagnosed by the Hydrogen Test Method
  12. Solesta Injection